What is an Industrial SUP?

The Industrial SUP process is a zoning tool that helps guide decisions about future industrial development. A project designated as a “special use” is one that may or may not be appropriate in a particular location. The SUP process assists local officials in determining if the development is a “good fit” for the community based on four important factors called “findings”. As part of the SUP process, an applicant must provide sufficient information to prove the project meets all four findings of fact. The information is presented as sworn testimony to the Board of County Commissioners (BOC) during a court-like public hearing. The BOC makes the final decision based on the information presented at the hearing and must find in the affirmative these four findings of fact to approve the project:

  • The use will not endanger the public health or safety if located where proposed and approved;
  • The use meets all required conditions and specifications;
  • The use will not substantially injure the value of adjoining or abutting properties;
  • The location and character of the use will be in harmony with the area in which it is located & in general conformity with all relevant and adopted plans.

Many in our community including residents, businesses, clean industry, high-tech industry and entrepreneurs are all advocating for improvements to the existing Industrial SUP to assist in guiding responsible economic growth and ensure the potential external effects of an intensive industry are properly vetted.