Table of Permitted Uses (TOPU) – Proposed Changes

The Planning Board’s recommendation allows some intensive manufacturing uses that are currently in the I-2 heavy industry zones to move to a less intensive category (categorized as “general” or “limited”) zones, now closer to residential neighborhoods and retail establishments.

  • These are the proposed current heavy industries being reclassified: Basic Chemical Manufacturing/Resin, Synthetic Rubber, and Artificial Synthetic Fibers and Filaments Manufacturing Paint/Coating, and Adhesive Manufacturing/Soap, Cleaning Compound, and Toilet Preparation Manufacturing/Plastics Product Manufacturing/Rubber Product Manufacturing/Clay Product and Refractory Manufacturing/Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing/Cement and Concrete Product Manufacturing.

These industries will not have a community information meeting (CIM) and will have a 20 day review period (unlike the 35 day review period for those industries classified as Intensive Industries).

On the March 6 Board of Commissioner Meeting, the federation will recommend the County to address community concerns on the Planning Board recommended changes in the Table of Permitted Uses with the County’s consultant, LSL Planning and planning staff during the upcoming Unified Development update process.

To learn more about the NHC Planning Board’s recommendation to amend Zoning Ordinance Article II, Article V, Article VII, and Article XI regarding, go to the proposed amendment, refer to page 3-18 of the Table. Note it may take a few moments for the document to load.